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Stainless Steel Tea-urn



  • Commercial Tea Urn
  • Stainless Steel Commercial Tea Urn
  • Tea Urn


About the Stainless Steel Commercial Tea-Urn

This particular stainless steel commercial tea-urn has 2 taps ideal for commercial use.

Also, it is made from high grade stainless steel, ensuring that your tea is always well kept, hygienically, without the risk of rust.

The stainless steel commercial tea-urn  can also be custom built as per your requirements.

Durable, high quality  tea urns as well as made in different sizes and variations, e.g. (single tap or double tap).


50 Litres=60,000kshs, as well as,

100 Litres=90,000kshs, as well as,

150 Litres=130,000kshs, as well as,

200 Litres=180,000kshs.


Good kitchen needs a hygienic and efficient way to hold and serve tea, hot water or coffee so we offer a high quality,  electric tea urn stainless steel . Used at commercial institutions such as of schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals as well as organizations.

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