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School and Office Whiteboards Stockists and manufacturers of whiteboards be it imported, Premium Local Executive, Ceramic Steel Magnetic as well as Non-Magnetic.

1. Imported Wall Mounted Magnetic School Office Whiteboards


3x2fts, as well as,

4x3fts, as well as,

6x3fts, as well as,

4x4fts, as well as,

5x4fts, as well as,

6x4fts, as well as,


2Imported Better Quality Magnetic School Office Whiteboards


3x2fts, as well as,

4x3fts, as well as,

6x3fts, as well as,

4x4fts, as well as,

5x4fts, as well as,

6x4fts, as well as,


3. Premium Local Executive School Office Whiteboards {6Yrs & Above}

We are Kenyan leading specialists in manufacture of all types of quality, stylish as well as durable professional whiteboards at the most affordable prices.

We produce locally high-quality whiteboards which meet international standards, very durable and long lasting as well as excellently designed to meet all aesthetic needs and functionality.

Those who have bought from us have always been consistent customers with 99% retention rate.

3x2fts, as well as,
4x2fts, as well as,

3x3fts, as well as,
4x3fts, as well as,
4x4fts, as well as,
5x4fts, as well as,
6x4fts, as well as,

High Quality Durable Type
Frame-Professionally Designed Aluminium Frame.
Formica-Durable, From India not China.
Finishes-Excellent Aluminium Finishing not Plastic.
Inside: Quality Chipboard not light plastic materials.

Duster and Mark Pen Tray.

4. Ceramic Steel Magnetic Metallic School Office Whiteboard- {50Yrs & Above}.


180 x 120 Cm (6x4fts), as well as, 

360 x 120 Cm (12x4fts), (The largest of all whiteboards). 

Features and Benefits
1. Excellent smooth writing surface, as well as,
2. Easy to erase, as well as,
3. Scratch, fire, and chemical resistant, as well as,
4. High color contrast, as well as,
5. Minimal light distortion, as well as,
6. Enhanced visibility and optimum eye comfort, as well as,
7. Safe and clean.


Whiteboards can transform even the most complex of ideas into an easy to understand visual.

In addition to that, Magnetic dry erase boards create additional flexibility, allowing a pin-up space.

Whiteboards encourage everyone to share their concepts and ideas as well as they are perfect, not only for client presentations but also for brainstorming.

In summary, Shopping Research Consultants is the leading Kenyan experts in manufacture of all types of


a. Portable tripod whiteboards,

b. Portable One-sided, double-sided and rotational whiteboards with wheels, as well as,

c. Wall mounted magnetic whiteboards, as well as,

d. Portable One-sided magnetic tripod whiteboards, as well as

e. Portable One-sided, double-sided and rotational magnetic whiteboard with wheels.


g. Pin-boards/Noticeboards, as well as,

f. Graph-board or Grid-board, as well as,

h. Flip-chart whiteboard stand, as well as,

i. School/Org Target boards, as well as,

j. Delivery Charter boards, as well as,

k. Duty Roaster boards, as well as,

k. School Timetables as well as,

l. Printed boards etc.


Shopping Research Consultants is a one-stop shop as well as authoritative dealer in top brands as well as small scale local fabricator in Kitchen Equipment, Stainless Steel Equipment as well as Milk and Fruits Processing Machines.

All Types of Whiteboards, Office, Meeting and School Supplies, Restaurant and Bar Furniture, Fabrication, Dinning and Household as well as Other General Supplies

At Shopping Research Consultants we ensure that we are honest, truthful and transparent in all our dealings with the client.

Thus we disclose all important information on Product, Price, Quality, Warranty, Durability and finally Options therefore in the end you make your purchase well informed because our relationship exceeds beyond quality service to a loyal, satisfied Client.

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